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Where's The Meat?!

You cannot go into a restaurant without finding some sort of plant based meat substitute. Now I'm not quite sure how this craze all went mainstream, but when you can go to Burger King and ask for an impossible whopper with all of the fixings you know it has.

Now I have no problem with plant based burgers or meat substitutes. In fact I have been eating them way longer then they've been advertised. One of the good things that I can say about this is that prices have gone down for a lot of vegetarian and vegan items. People have different reasons for doing it many are just to be healthier. Some are for food allergies, and others because they may think a lot about animal cruelty.

I'm not saying that anyone is wrong or right about eating meat or not eating meat. To each his own, in fact the fam clan is made up of omniverse, carnivores and herbivores.

And we all live in peace and harmony, not judging one another for food choices. The cool thing is that we all get to try something new, and with things being main stream when we go out it is easier to pick a restaurant.

I originally thought that this was Something that was only going on in the United States. But as I speak to different people around the world I am finding out that more plant based options are available especially in fast food chains worldwide.

Many people call it non me vegan meat, vegetarian meat, or plant based but there are so many things on the market it is hard to keep up.

When it comes to picking something that choice is up to you for you and your family. Enjoy how you like!

Your food choice doesn't make you better than anyone else or worse than anyone else!

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