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Where is HBO Max?

We have all been stuck in a house for the past 2 month. In that time with so many new streaming networks have come out. All of them vying for our attention and our wallets

And HBO is no exception. In the meantime they have created HBO Max and somehow this has replace HBO now and HBO go. This streaming channel is actually believe it or not if you have HBO on your cable service provider free. But here is the rub. Some devices including Amazon firestick and Roku June not carry HBO Max.

Somehow Warner company has gotten into a big fight with both Amazon and roco and neither one is letting up. But actually it's the customers that suffer. But, if you have a smart television, if you want to do it through your computer, even on your phone or tablet you can still stream it.

I'm hearing that there in negotiations now but there is still no word of when or if Roku or Firestick will be able to stream HBO Max now this is a problem because of the replacement of the other HBO streaming services.

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