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Take Time to Organize

One of the reasons most people tell me that they can not coupon is because it is time consuming. 1 of the ways that you can cut down on time consumption is making sure that your coupons are organized. If you are not trying to builds a huge stockpile remember you only need as many coupons as there are members of your family plus 1.

So for example if you are a family of 4 you only need 5 coupons. This is of each item. Every coupon or should I say almost every coupon has an expiration date. Yes there are still some coupons in this day and time that will come up every once in a while with no expiration. And some expiration dates are longer than others so if you know that you have a set of coupons that you have not used or you failed to use do not keep them in your finder or in your organizer or even in your holder.

Because, there are different ways of organizing where you can organize by whole insert or pre clipped insert.

So set aside some time maybe twice a month it doesn't have to be every week to organize just your coupons. You should especially do this if you are not going to the store a more than once a week. Trust me you will thank me for this advice. It cuts down on clutter and helps you know and get to know what you have in your collection with out having to go in and look at them all the time . It also saves you time in the stores.

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