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Pods in His Pants

I went to look in CVS as I normally do. I go right to the red Box machine to print this weeks CVS Coupons. Unfortunately the machine isn't working. So I look on the app, to see what I can save directly to my card.

I see a couple of items that to me are no brainer deals. So I go ahead and save those. As I'm walking down one aisle a gentleman behind in the asks me where did I get the detergent that is on sale I let him know and show him where it is. I Then decided to Pay for my items. But like I said this was a no brainer deal so I had to get more.

After paying for the other two items, I see the manager escorting a gentleman toward the door. I hear her remark to the assistant manager that she had just come into the aisle when the man started stuffing Tide Pods down his pants. Yes, you read that correctly down his pants.

Needless to say I was quite disgusted. I actually have a bit of concern now wondering if Tide pods are being pulled out of pants in other stores.

The crazy part is that the guy just walks out of the store as though this was a regular day for him. I'm not even too sure if he was embarrassed or if he will try it again.

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