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How Do You?

If you have listening to the Podcast. I mean the CQP moments Podcast. You know that I have been wanting to give you guys some of the basics again. The reason being is because I have been getting questions like, how-do-you-do that?, is it hard?, or does it take a lot of time?

The one thing that I keep telling people is it takes diligence. And not in a way that it will take up a full lot of time . But just that you maintain what you were doing and note any changes that need to be made.

Like, how often do you shop?

Who is using or eating what?

How long do things last in your house?

Ie. If you only use a certain shampoo while the rest of the Fam Clan uses another, stock up on theirs more.

Plan accordingly to make sure you aren't over-shopping or under-shopping. Do you write out or type up a list? It helps so that you aren't doing the "Spot and Grab " then getting the dreaded "Sticker Shock"!

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