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Ebay Said Stop!

You cannot go anywhere in the world without hearing about the Corona virus. Since the beginning when we all heard about it things like medical supplies and Hand sanitizer started flying off of Shelves everywhere.

At 1st it was for a people to send to loved ones across seas. But, as things progressed people began to stockpile items such as face masks hand sanitizer water and Gloves.

Of course this then led to people trying to make money on eBay by Selling what is most in demand right now. This creates an issue because places like eBay and other online 3rd party led retailers do not set the prices. The prices are set by the actual seller. Which in this case makes for some hefty price gouging.

And unfortunately even though eBay themselves this repeatable not every seller on their site is. So to cut down on any of the shenanigans, the company is saying no more they are no longer allowing anyone to sell things like face masks and hand sanitizer on their sites.

So, if you're looking for masks or hand sanitizer you will not find it on eBay.

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