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Call It Spicy!!

On Sunday Sweet Baby Ray's coupons came out. So me being curious as to what deals were available I found that there was an unadvertised sale at Shoprite for both the wing sauces and the brand new hot sauce. So I was like, hmm... hot sauce okay Ray Ray bring it! The coupons were $1.00 off 1 for the wing sauces and $2.00 off 2 for the hot sauce. Each are $2.29 so I bought 3 of each. Making the wing sauces $1.29 each and the Hot sauce .29 each. When I got to the register I realized someone had left a catalina for free cheese in the cart so I got a bag of Shoprite shredded Pizza cheese (Mozzarella/Provolone) on sale for $1.77 for FREE!!!

Sweet Baby Ray's Wing sauce, Hot Sauce and Shoprite Cheese

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