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Brand Bougie

I run into people all the time who tell me they can't use certain things because that is it the brand that they use. I call these people brand snobs or brand Bougie people.

These are people willing to forgo a sale or spend money that they really don't have just so they can have a certain brand of item in their house. It actually has nothing to do with quality but everything to do with proving to Themselves and other people that they can afford higher price items like this somehow makes them better people. I've even had people tell me they don't shop at Aldi's because they sell off brand items.

It is only recently that people have really started going to trader Joe's only because it has become a brand name in and of itself. They can now show off to other people on the train with their trader Joe's bags.

Learn when you are missing out on a deal part of the art of saving is learning when to switch brands for a better discount. This does not include if you are allergic to certain brands if you are allergic please do not buy those .

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